The 7 Time Tested Ways to Learn English :

  • By Mr. Nikhil Dedhia (Edupreneur, Entrepreneur & Trainer)

Are you really serious about learning English?  If you are really Serious about it then this is the must read BLOG for you.  In this blog I will take you through a Time Tested and Proven Method that will give you immense confidence in learning English.

Actually Learning English is real fun, but it seems to be tough just for one reason and i.e. the day you start learning something new, in a few days other things come up that are quiet new and then you are confused which way to go.  Here in this blog I will give you really easy steps that will take your English to the next level.

Weekly twice I will be posting the steps one by one so that  you can understand and implement those steps in an effective manner.

The 7 Time Tested Ways Are :

1. Learn Spoken English with Broken English

The First Step is, get some first-hand knowledge about the English Grammar, what I mean to say is, get the knowledge about proper sentence construction.  Getting proper Grammar Knowledge in terms of Sentence making or construction will boost your confidence, although it may sound like getting technical knowledge, but this is what you practice in your daily English.  Many of us have misconception that theoretical English is different that Practical Language. But, remember that is not the case, English is a language and language cannot be different theoretically and practically.  

The Second step is to start speaking with whatever level of English you know plus the knowledge you have obtained by learning Grammar.  Continuously try to speak with friends, family members, in restaurants, with shop keepers, on call center numbers etc. etc. . in English.  Although you may mistakes, but don’t stop trying.  After speaking analyze where you have made the mistakes and just recall the grammatical English that you have learnt.  You will easily find your mistakes and slowly and gradually your mistakes will go on reducing.  Hence, giving you that impeccable command on English.

                                                                                         To be Continued...

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