2. Stick to reading habit (Children Stories, Magazines etc and NOT “NEWSPAPERS, NOVELS etc. .etc. .”)

  • By Mr. Nikhil Dedhia (Edupreneur, Entrepreneur & Trainer)

Reading is of course a good habit to have the perfect grip on English Language.  But, as many people suggest that you should start with reading Newspapers or novels is not a good idea.  Newspapers’ language is tough to understand, as it contains high vocabulary, indirect speeches and more of passive voice sentences.  So it is advisable to start with short story books like Vikas stories for children, Panchtantra, Hitopdesh, Aesop Fables, Tinkle, Champak and many other magazines for kids like Tell me why, Chandamama, Highlights Champs, Highlights Genies etc. .etc. .


Don’t entertain your ego, that, why should I read story/magazines for children.  These books contain really simple language and conversations that are very easy to understand.  Also these books give you access to simple day to day vocabulary.

Now, comes the BIGGEST BLUNDER that we commit.  In the excitement of Learning English we forget to do basic preparations like having a Dictionary Handy and a note book.  Before starting English Reading Practice you need to be ready with the following Learning Tools

1. Notebook

2. Pencil and Eraser

3. Dictionary

4. Highlighter

Once you are equipped with these tools  you can begin the Reading Practice.

Now Let’s focus on the “How to Read?” technique.  We feel that reading is the most easiest thing, and many of us quit our Reading Habit midway because we don’t follow the discipline.  Remember reading is simple but not easy. Keep in mind the following steps, to have that perfection in Reading English Language and make it a habit.

1. Sit in a place where you don’t have to face any disturbance.

2. Sit on comfortable chair and sit upright.

3. Put off all the distractions like mobile, television etc. .

4. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths before starting reading.  This will ensure peace of mind and better concentration.

5. Last but not the least, be ready with all the Tools mentioned above.

If you follow the above 5 steps, then I personally guarantee that you will have the best Reading Practice experience.  And nothing can stop you to Learn English in the most perfect way.

Keep the record of all the new words/ new vocabulary that you learn in the vocabulary note book.  Also read slowly and if you don’t understand certain sentence, read it 2-3-5 times until you understand.  Still if you are not clear, then we are always there to help you out. 

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