4. Have Some Handy Tools

  • By Mr. Nikhil Dedhia (Edupreneur, Entrepreneur & Trainer)

 Download Dictionaries, Story Reading Apps, Simple News reading apps

To learn Fluent English and good reading practice one must have some handy tools, that will help you have perfect command on Spoken English.

Good dictionaries like Merriam Webster, Word web, Hinkhoj etc..etc. .are really helpful while searching the synonyms of the words that are difficult to understand.  These dictionaries offer you handy help whenever you are stuck with the toughest word and are not able to proceed further.  Also these dictionaries have the pronunciation function that will help you to pronounce the word in a better manner.

There are many story reading apps available on Google play that help you to read short inspiring stories, just like the books that are mentioned above.

Alternatively you can also download, News-in-shorts app available on Play Store, this app contains 60 words news, that are easy to understand.  There are hell lot of apps and other things available on the internet and play store, but the method mentioned above is Time Tested And Proven Method that I have applied practically and a lot of students, professionals, housewives etc. .  have benefitted from it.

Reading without handy tools will make you feel dejected, the more you use the tools, the more you are proficient in English and vocabulary.  You have an avid command on English Language and that makes you stand out of the Crowd.  In my life I have practiced a lot of methods and then zeroed down to the selected tools that are necessary in this modern era. 

What happens is sometimes a particular word has 3 to 4 different meaning and we are not able to understand which word to use where.  But with the help of tools you understand these words clearly with many examples.  Also, we have our all time friend Google, if you are not satisfied with the examples given in the dictionary.

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So you need not experiment with any new methods, just follow the above method and rock your English learning practice.

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