Sometimes you may go with a friend to get something off your chest, however, if you want to really change the way your relationships move forward and help YOU become a better version of yourself. It is very easy to stop talking to a person about having slight misunderstanding and confusions. Communication is the best remedy and solution for clearing conflicts. It is not possible that problems don't occur in a relationship whether it is friendship or in marriage. The only key to a successful relationship is communication, many of the marriages fail because partners stop talking to the other thinking he/she will never understand.

When we consider how much random emotion is being expressed in the world, you may start to wonder if emotion has been so hidden by our cultural socialization for such a long time - and now we are just starting to take the lid off of it - so that it now gets expressed in random situations and in ways that don't have any regulation or a stop button. Understanding is a part of communication, don't listen to reply always, but to understand the perspective of the other person also. There may be few problems in a relationship but with the lack of communication that problems get increased to such an extent that the result is failed marriages or broken relationships with your loved ones.

However, if you can't be honest with your feelings, subconsciously you feel the cost. And the cost is: you can't be your authentic self. But you're prepared to lose your authenticity or explain your needs or your point of view in order to "keep" the perceived status quo, not rock the boat and go along with the tribe - and your perception of what the tribe believes. If you grew up in a traditional family structure, you know what that means: you have to turn up for family dinners, you don't talk about certain topics with certain family members. In personal relationships, some of them have to's include: I must reply to texts immediately, I have to like what my loved one does or who they hang with etc.

What you can learn working with people is that a person will invest more energy in hiding their authentic self and feelings than risking speaking up for many diverse fears such as:

 Being perceived as impinging on someone else's needs.

 Someone they care about feeling left out or not important.

 Being seen as weak, not self-sufficient and not competent.

 Fear of pushing back because you may create conflict.

 Not being like "everyone else" (the tribe).

 Fear of upsetting someone with a touchy topic.

 Fear of being seen as contrary to the group.

 Fear of being too independent or seen as selfish.

For a successful relationship, a healthy communication is very necessary. The conflicts can easily be resolved if we talk about them at the right time and with the right approach. There are situations that when the perspective of both the persons are correct, so never assume yourself correct and the other person wrong. Have a communication to clear your misunderstanding with that person. It may be possible that sometimes verbal communications is not possible when there are so many misunderstanding between two, you can try communication through writing a letter.

Importance of Communication in the Corporate Sector :

Many business deals are successful with the art of effective communication and negotiation. The people are well versed in communication and negotiation skills which are very helpful in expanding their business and making a relationship with their business partner stronger. It is through the art of communication they create a win-win situation. Communication is an amazing art, those who have mastered this art have successfully maintained many connections and have a healthy relationship. 

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