Life is a collection of memories, experiences, adventures, and events. You are quite aware of the fact life is fragile and can be taken away at any moment. It is often referred to as a "history" when in fact, a person can have many "histories" based upon the life they have experienced. You also are familiar with the clichés about life being short and there are no guarantees given to anyone. But what would you do if you woke up tomorrow and everything you cared about, such as your home, your family, and/or your job, were all gone? If someone has been in multiple relationships, lived in numerous locales, initiated personal transformations, or brought about other forms of significant changes, there are different paths which have been followed throughout their life.

Most people are thinking about the events of today and how to try to cope with the demands put upon them. The daily responsibilities of a job, along with time spent commuting to and from that job, can take up most of the waking day. Yet some people will be thinking long-term about the future, trying to develop a strategy to be prepared for it, as if it can be controlled. For others, thoughts of the future can provoke fear and apprehension, when it seems as if the present cannot provide for that future. Those who are experiencing mental illness, depression, or cognitive disorders may find the fear of the present and the future is part of their every day thought process.

As you progress over time, and you begin to learn what life can teach you, you see what career and job mean to you. There is a new understanding of the skills and experience you possess, along with how you want to leverage the background you have worked so hard to acquire. Either way, the longer your career evolves with time, the more you understand what it means to nurture and develop job skills and find fulfilling work. You want to enjoy your life with those who are closest to you and this is all part of maturing, along with seeking greater meaning from life as you get older. In a sense, it is a growing self-awareness and a personal self-awakening which occurs over time.

What happens if they wake up one day and find they have lost everything? For example, their job was terminated, their relationship ended as a result of their job loss, their home was taken, friends turned their back on this person, and society viewed this person in the worst possible light. How does a person who loves and value life face the loss of everything they cherish when it seems as if all hope is suddenly gone? Is this the consequence of being outside of the societal norm? Is this punishment for living an alternative lifestyle? How does someone access the Collective Consciousness of Mankind when their mind is so overwhelmed with thoughts of despair and grief?

• Developing a Mental Setback:-

When someone has been involved in a long-term relationship and has established a significant history with this person who is now gone, as a partner, spouse, family member, or someone else who was deeply connected. Their mutually shared view and perception of the world is now altered, seemingly a permanent state, and somehow the person who is "left behind" must think for themselves, make their own decisions, establish new routines, create new habits, and possibly live in the place where the memories with the person who is now gone were made.

• How You Transform Yourself:-

To transform yourself from any period in your life when something has come to an end, whether a person or physical object is no longer with you, you have to let the transition occur without resistance. This is true for deaths, relationships ending, pets passing on, job losses, home losses, friendships ending, cherished treasures breaking or disappearing, or anything else close to you which is now considered to be gone, even if it is all of these at once. You have to acknowledge this is a time of transition, even if this happens more than once. You cannot stop it and you cannot control it. The more you fight it, the more you become plugged into negative emotions.

If you can allow yourself to relax, even for just a few minutes during the storm and the time of many transitions going on around you, you can begin to listen within. You need no one else, just the ability of your own mind to listen for insight. The longer you practice being quiet, the more comfortable you will become with listening for these insights, which is accessed directly from the Higher Order Wisdom of the Collective Consciousness of Mankind. The happy memory can be your ability to now trust yourself to be calm and wade through the waters of transition.

Sheetal Academy helps especially when someone is faced with the loss of all they hold dear, and they discover that praying is not the answer for the situation, how does someone access the Collective Consciousness of Mankind when their mind is so overwhelmed with thoughts of despair and grief. Our special training will help you to overcome from your all the depression and overwhelming. Just visit and fill up the "ENQUIRY" form for an appointment.

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