Think security, assume safety. Your life, investment, family, loved ones, community, state and country should be protected, should be secured. They matter the foremost to you.

But, as you recognize, security and insecurity begins from the minds of individuals and spread over time to others.

So, you're expected to take care on what you're thinking that, say or do at any purpose in time, boasts less, be unpredictable in your movement, carry less money, and install security gadgets in your homes and offices.

Why? Well, the great or bad we do to ourselves or others come sooner or later to us even with interests.

Nothing is lost, it manifests at the appointed time either during this life or the next. This is often a changeless law that can't be manipulated.

Robbers, murderers, kidnappers, fraudsters, terrorists, militants and different criminal components don't seem to be ghosted.

They are human beings such as you and I. They live and interact with us, daily.

Therefore, to secure your valuables, you would like to partner with the police and different security agencies, silently.

Do, you recognize the telephone numbers of the nearest police station in your area?

I cannot bet that some residents of urban center know the phones numbers of the closest police station in their areas.

The police aren't magicians. You recognize your family and neighborhood more than the simplest police detective around.

The partnership between the police and residents of communities can do the magic. It may bring on the 2 workings together to bring on security.

But, the police want information, tips or leads on what's happening in your house, compound, street, community, state, and the nation.

Give them information as silently as possible and you're on a partnership deal with the safety agencies.

Why we are explaining this? Because, In Kashmir, suspected cultists are on the rampage in recent times. They killed and maimed with reckless abandon.

Yet, the assorted communities these cultists named “Tarriest” are operational have residents, community leaders, artisans, union leaders, police officers, and police stations.

In this era of fast communication, anytime the cultists strike within the dead of the night, people are killed or maimed and however, others don't care to call the police.

If crimes persist in a community for a long time, it's either the community is weak, don't grasp what to try to, is part and parcel of the crimes or the security agents in charge of the community have compromised.

Safety does not come with lucky. It has to be PREPARED. The safety of the people shall be the highest law. We must respect the past, and mistrust the present if we wish to provide for the safety of the future. "Contact us" or direct "Enquiry" to join our Self-Motivation course in Surat.

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