For improving your communication skills, you should be first of all, be comfortable with grammar. Grammar is what we studied in our starting school days, and used to hate it as a very boring subject, but this grammar is the one which is essential for getting a good hold of what you speak. If you are comfortable with it, then you are all set to rock and roll with your spoken English skills, and if not then you are eligible for improving it. So I will suggest, that go and grab a school days grammar book if you are weak in Grammar. Give it a revision. Don’t worry to memorize everything. Just get a good hold of it. That should be enough for the basic preparation.


Speak in English:-


Speak in English with your near ones. Try to talk as much as possible with your teachers and professors in English. This will help you in gaining self-confidence. Break all barriers which hold you from doing so. If possible than join an English Speaking Course, this is often helpful, as the teacher and professor drives you for good communication skills. These institutes often have a test of spoken English, and are very effective in knowing your progress and drawbacks. In this list "Sheetal Academy" is the famous name that’s known for its best teaching process.


Here are some really good ways to improve your spoken English presented by Sheetal Academy.


Listen to Native Speakers of English:-


If you are learning an English speaking with a teacher who is NOT a native speaker, you will be picking up mistakes as well as valuable information. You will be learning to speak English with the accent of your teacher, and NOT the accent of a native speaker. The important is that by listening carefully to native speakers, you will hear the flow and the 'music' of the language. This is something that you HAVE to hear - you cannot learn it from books and newspapers.


Just Say It! :-


You've decided you're going to practice speaking English... you've thought about what you want to say. Usually we are worried in case we make a mistake, in case we get it wrong, or in case the other person misunderstands, or laughs. FEAR prevents us from practice. Just take a deep breath and SAY IT. It doesn't matter if it doesn't sound perfect, just say it. Speaking out loud is the only way to improve your Spoken English. The good news is, the more you do it, the easier it gets, and the more confident you become.


Act A Little! :-


This one might seem strange, but a good way of improving your English is to act a little. Imagine how they would talk: how clearly would they form their words? This isn't as crazy as it sounds. Many people are nervous about speaking out loud because they are fearing by the new sounds that they are making. Putting those sounds in a 'character' like this can be a useful way of getting over those nerves. You probably wouldn't want to speak in this voice all the time, but it's a good way to practice on your own!


Ask! :-


You had a question about speaking better English, you've typed it into a search engine, and seen which answers most closely match your questions. It's a good idea to make sure that your question has a chance of being answered, though - there are many forums where questions can sit for days or even weeks without an answer, and you might not want to wait that long. There are many people with blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter and Facebook pages who can and will answer any questions that you have. Perhaps more importantly, we'll either be able to provide you with specific answers, or your questions can be answered in a way which will help other learners too.


Sign Up and Subscribe! :-


Find those useful websites and blogs, and subscribe. You can earn useful information to improve your spoken English. You'll find many opportunities online to hear native speakers speaking in real time in broadcasts of this sort. However, if your goal is to learn business English, then listening in to a call about business issues will not enough to hear the language spoken at a natural speed, you'll learn some new vocabulary too. These will be to a greater challenge, as you will hear English talked at a more natural pace.


For international calls, listen carefully to the differences between native speakers, and those speaking English as a second language. Now, as you get accustomed to various different English words, and your grammar gets improved. The more you practice, the more you will feel that your communication of spoken English is improving. Remember that nothing is perfect, so keep practicing to keep you updated and always prepared. Go for English songs, English movies, etc. Don't limit yourself, try everything that comes in your hand. Keep a positive frame of mind, and just break all barriers.


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So what are you thinking and waiting for, just come and inquire about the facilities about the Spoken English Course, which we offer and make a resolution to change your future right away....!

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