Today, "SORRY" appears to be the toughest word for several individuals. In fact, it appears harder in some parts of the planet than others. It's one thing that has bothered everyone for the longest time. That's why we are writing this blog for you. Here are some of the examples that we've encountered in some places:

1. In Cafe:

We: Can I get a brand new glass, please? This one is dirty.

Waitress: I will get you a brand new one.

(Or worse still, nothing in the least, however, he simply modified the glass)

2. In Restaurant:

We: I might just like the salmon, please.

Waiter: There isn't any additional salmon today.

3. In Shoe Store:

Me: do you have these shoes in an exceedingly size 41?

Assistant: Size 39 is the biggest.

Why cannot they assert, "I'm sorry..."?

This is the question I've puzzled regarding such a lot of times. I am systematically told it's because the person believes that saying "sorry" indicates they need in-person done one thing wrong.

Can we have a tendency to please get this right!

Saying, "I'm sorry" when my glass is dirty is that the right factor to say. What you're language is, "I'm sorry this happened." Or "I'm sorry you bought an unclean glass." you're not saying, "I'm sorry that I did not wash the glass properly, and it's my fault."

Saying, "I'm sorry" once there is no more salmon left, would mean you are showing regret or unhappiness regarding something. You’re not saying that you are responsible for there being no salmon.

Here some more examples:

1. Speaking with a Friend:

We: I simply tripped over and fell. My knee very hurts.

Friend: Aiyah! Why are you so careless?

2. To a Colleague:

We: I was so sick at the weekend with a foul migraine.

Colleague: Sensible job it had been weekend and you'll rest.

Why Oh why cannot these folks simply say, "I'm sorry"?

Saying, "I'm sorry" would not mean you were to blame for my fall. It might mean you were feeling compassion on behalf of me.

Saying, "I'm sorry" would not mean you were the explanation for my migraine. It might mean you were feeling concern on behalf of me.

And this one takes the Cake...

Here's what happened after I wrote to a shopper WHO was due in paying our invoice, and not for the primary time. Here are extracts from her reply:

Unfortunately, there are processes concerned that are on the far side of my management.

I will expedite wherever possible throughout these changes.

Your understanding would be a lot of appreciated.

Do you see the matter here? "Unfortunately" looks to mean, "Too bad". If she had said, "I'm sorry concerning this", it might mean, "I care".

If the writer had just once during this whole series of emails said, "I'm so sorry concerning this", it might very have shown me that she understands what I am looking and is feeling concern and compassion for my scenario. It might even have assured me that she cared. As a result, I might have felt higher, despite the delays.

So, please...

Sorry does not have to be compelled to be the toughest word!

Parents: Please teach your kids concerning the importance of the word, "sorry", and its several meanings. Additionally teach them about the implications of saying the word, and not spoken communication the word.

Employers: Please confirm your workers are trained within the importance of the word, "sorry", and the way it ought to be used in client service. And after all the implications of saying it and not saying it.

Let's not continue belongings "Sorry" be the toughest word to mention. Let's work along and create "sorry" an awfully much easier word to say! Let's create it the correct word to say!

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