-: Effective Methods to Quickly and Easily Master English Grammar:-

We can not deny the fact that learning proper English grammar is important. Do you want to feel embarrassed each time you speak English with a lot of grammar mistakes? Do people have trouble understanding when you speak English or confused with what you have said? Being able to speak and write in proper English is a main criterion to be successful and broaden your options in job and career advancement.


Two major problems that English students have to face when studying grammar. The first is they spend way too much time focusing on the exceptions and waste time that could be used more profitably. The second problem is that when they want to talk in English, they have to pause to remember all the rules and exceptions to the rules before they can say anything. That defeats your fluency and makes you stumble over your sentences. There are many methods one could learn to master the English grammar, but I would like to recommend the best 5 effective ways.


1. Learn the rules of English grammar by heart and memorize them. As you know, grammar is the set of rules of a language which describe how sentences are formed. We need to know those rules in the same way as in Mathematics where the rules of computation and formula are required in order to get the correct figures. One of the best ways to memories the rule is to write them down in a notebook and refer to it continuously until you could memorize them all. However, mere memories the rule is not enough, you need to do as many English grammar worksheets and exercises as possible.


2. Read as many English books, magazines and newspapers as you can. Although it is said that reading might not appear to be an effective grammar-learning activity, the truth is that the more you read, the more you are able to observe sentences that are grammatically correct. You should look out the grammar rules for that particular sentence that you are not sure. When reading books, you should focus on how the passages and sentences are constructed. You may need to refer to a good grammar reference book or dictionary to confirm its grammatical usage. This will eventually help your grammar in a long run when you understand the patterns of the sentences encountered as you read.


3. Study the grammar rule and focus on it, one at the time until you are fully aware and able to use it successfully. Like, if you are focusing on usage of verbs in the past tense, then you should study in detail its usage throughout the day. If you are not sure how to put a specific verb in past tense, you should resolve it by finding the correct answer during the day until you got it right. As time has gone, you will be able to know the correct verbs in past tense and thereafter you could move on to the next challenge with other grammar problems that you may be having.


4. Find out and learn the common English mistakes most often committed by people. Just like the grammar rules, you need to memorize them as well, so as to avoid making the same mistakes. Now you will also be testing yourself which means that you will be able to evaluate if you really understood what you learned correctly. You could just make a search in the internet and find out the list of the most frequently committed English grammar mistakes and memories them by heart.


5. The final step on learning English grammar is to learn with fun. You must compare it to something else. That way you can look at the similarities and differences between each one. So, I always recommend you to listen your original mini-story again... but this time with a different grammar structure. Likewise, if your original mini-story was in the present continuous, you would now want to hear it in the past continuous or the present perfect. That way you can observe what changes between the structures and what the same remains. There are many types of educational games, English grammar worksheets, video games and even board games that are fun to learn available online.


It is true that we will do our best if we enjoy doing. If you aren't having fun learning English, you will get bored very soon and reluctant to continue. When it is fun, there will be a motivation force behind to keep you stay on the task of learning. Follow above steps, and you will master the English grammar structures easily, so you can speak English fluently and proficiently like a native speaker in the least amount of time.


In conclusion, there is no short cut to master the English language. Learning the proper usage of English grammar is just one of the requirements to master the English language. It is estimated that one out of every five people in the world can speak English. You might be amazed to learn that there are more English speaking people in China alone than in the United States of America! Therefore it is very important to be able to speak and write proper English if you want to broaden your options in job and career advancement and be successful.

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