The best of intentions superior skills and well - developed aptitude, and/or even the most positive attitude does not automatically create/cause/develop. Leadership is driven by passion and commitment; they are willing to adjust; they practice patience and persistence; it is willing to observe and listen; it has general and domain-specific business knowledge. We can only measure the ultimate success and impact of a potential leader by whether or not someone achieves what is needed and necessary everything possible to get it DONE! Some of these "traits for success" are 180 degrees opposite of those traits which lead to failure.

A good leader must ask himself/herself: how do I rank myself on the above - as well as other - traits and characteristics which lead to success? If you find yourself in a leadership position or intends to become a leader, you need to sincerely and honestly answer these questions. In order to do so, you need to know yourself and realize how self-aware you are. What does it mean "to know yourself"; what does it mean to be Self-Aware and why is it important for achieving success?

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will enable you to decide which leadership skills you might have - or should develop. You also need to consider among other, what professional qualifications as well as personal characteristics you possess. Here some points that prove to know yourself also means among others: 

• Being able and ready to listen to advice.

• Not insisting that "Your Way is always the Way".

• Being aware which organizational and management skills you need to develop.

• Being aware of your organizational skills and your willingness to count on others.

• Know whether you can control your emotions or do you burst with hate, anger, etc.

• Being able and willing to take responsibility for your failures as well successes, rather than blaming others.

• Become aware and acknowledge your communications skills, and decide how to improve them, if necessary.

You also need to give yourself a true account of how knowledgeable you are in the filed you intend to become a leader of; how familiar are you with others in the field - or related fields. Leaders never let their egos, personal opinions, personal/ political agenda, and self - interest get in the way of quality service! This means fully considering the options, being ready and prepared to recognize opportunities which might present themselves or creating their own opportunity in an organized quality manner! Whether you have a planned strategy which will enable you to expand the organization when the time is right; and so on and so forth.

Great leaders must be disciplined enough to listen more than they speak and consistently proceed with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! It's important to recognize quality results often don't proceed effectively with no challenges thus true leaders need the endurance to go on and do what's right regardless of the challenges involved! If you hope to become a real leader, you must do everything possible to persist and focus on getting it DONE! There must be an absolute commitment to personal excellence all the time!

Being Self-Aware, or Developing your Self-Awareness, is, therefore, a vital condition to become and Succeed as a Good, efficient Leader.

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