World's Most Spoken Language V/s The Most Used Language on internet.


Ever wondered which is the most Spoken Language in the World ? ?? ?


In this era of Technological Revolution which is evolving exponentially, we haven't wondered about the languages at all.  Somewhere we are oblivious that the Languages are the very back bone of Communication all over the Globe, then whether it may be Verbal, Written or e-communication.  We haven't bothered ever to give it a thought.


Human Beings are easily fascinated by the new inventions that come up and tend to easily forget the very root of the invention(esp for the technological revolution) .  And, yes, for this technological revolution, Language has played a major in communication all over the world.  So today let's have a look at some statistics or facts about the languages.  In this blog and some coming up blogs we are going to Explore the facts and other things about the language.


Now, as the title of the topic is here are some of the FACTS.


The world's Most Spoken Language is not English, it's Mandarin (Chinese Language), the language spoken by the people of China.  There are around 1.2 billion (120 crore) People who speak Mandarin. It means around 15% of the world's population speaks Mandarin.


The second Most Spoken Language is Spanish, with around 427 million (42.7 crore) people speaking all over the world, consisting around 5.33 % of global population.


Surprisingly, English comes at the third place with around 365 million (36.5 crore) people including the native speakers on Earth, who speak English.  And this is something to wonder about isn't it?  While we feel the whole world is speaking English, every now and then there is peer pressure to learn English to Speak English and Communicate in English.  From a Peon to the MDs, CEOs everybody is in a race to converse in English wherever possible, then whether it is saying Whats up to Good bye, or OMG to Oh ! shit, we all are finding new ways to have the command on the world's third most sought after language, English.


Really confused, right? ? ? Whether we should learn it or leave it.  When only 4.56% people on the Earth are Speaking English, should we really bother to learn it? ? ?  Naaah !!! here are some other facts which will compel you to think again and may be, make you run again to go after and chase the one and only one,  English Language.  What are these facts actually ? ? ?


Latest findings reveal a yet another staggering fact, while English is the Third most Spoken language with around 4.56% people speaking it.  It tops the list as the Most used language on the Internet with more than 900 million users.  The second language to top the list is Mandarin with around 751 million people and third comes Spanish which is used by just 211 million users.  The figures mentioned here are in sharp contrast with the figures which we just saw earlier.   


These figures convey just one thing, and that is, English is the future Global Language and the need of 21st century.  Without English the technological revolution may come to a halt.  To survive in this ever growing competitive world, proficient knowledge of English is must.  So ace up your sleeve and get ready to learn the Global Language, The Language of the 21st Century, The Language of the Citizens of this Globe, ENGLISH..

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