Frustration is a situation whereby someone feels upset and being annoyed because he or she cannot control or change the situation or achieve a desired goal. That's why we call frustration is a slow poison. Usually when you reach your saturation point in any activity that you're forced to do. Frustrations can happen at work, at home and even with our relationships. The acts of being prevented from achieving what you are trying to achieve are termed frustration. Frustration is quickly turned to anger in the form of rage for the person who cannot live the sort of reality for which there
the deepest soul craves.

Why do we get frustrated?

When something happens continuously in a way against our thoughts! We generally expect a lot from our life like to be Rich, to have all the luxuries in life, want our love and many things in Life. When our wants turn us down, we feel frustrated and lose hopes and there's the starting of our end! It means Our thoughts are the key factor for our frustration. When we realize this, we can surely Overcome the frustrations with the help of OURSELF!

Let's look at various ways of life in which people are frustrated :

• UNEMPLOYMENT - When people have no jobs and means of livelihood they are frustrated.

• BUSINESS FAILURES - Many people failed in their business and get frustrated.

• MARRIAGE FAILURES - When marriages are not because enjoyable as expected, people are frustrated.

• BARRENNESS - Many marriages are frustrated and because of barrenness to falsehood husband or wife.

• CAREERS FAILURES - Many people are frustrated because they have tried many times in their chosen careers and they have failed.

• EXAMINATIONS FAILURES - Several students and candidates have written many internal and external examinations and failed and are frustrated in the process.

• DISAPPOINTMENT - Great people have been disappointed several times byways of promised and failed and thereby frustrated in life.

What can frustrations do to us?

In doing so we will lose ourselves. We will be hypnotized by them that we will never in our life again know what is Happiness, Laugh, Love, what we can achieve and our talents etc. You will not be able to take proper decisions. Ultimately you will not have fun! Before you even realize that you are trapped you will have lost half of your precious life. frustration has a lot of effects on humans such as anger, jealousy, hatred, poverty, increased crime rate such as robbery, smoking, given up, lost of courage and temperament. Many people today are frustrated because of one reason or
the other, even many have given up for frustration while some died as a result of the ugly menace.

How to overcome frustration?

Frustrations are nothing but your own thoughts. Your thoughts. Do not ponder on thoughts that give you the negative energy. Do not waste your time thinking about the past mishaps or past worries. Because Past is Past. You can't change it. Live you're present. Try to change your attitude. Love your surroundings. When you are able to control your thoughts and focus them on one single motto you will surely achieve it in no time. The thoughts will create a positive energy which will help you to achieve your goals.

Make sure that you identify and spot out those agents of frustration that does not allow you to achieve your set goals and dreams and make corrections where necessary. Fear is one of the agents of frustration that frustrate peoples effort, be bold enough to face your life challenges, do not fear for those who fight and run away will still live to fight another day. Devote your time, power and energy and resources to attain your set goals. Do not give up in achieving your life dreams and aspirations, pursue it with vigor and confidence and you will achieve your set goals. There are many
professionals "Motivational Speaker" who are perfect and expert in your field of endeavors and have succeeded, therefore meet them for guidance and counseling, you will bounce back from frustration. it is sure.

SHEETAL ACADEMY helps you to focus on your immediate goal and achieving yourself from frustrations. So, Knocking Us can end up your negative and fearful thoughts. Because we know very well how to conquer and overcome frustration in our daily lives by changing your plans and course of actions. If you are frustrated in one area of life or the other, change for better options and you will succeed but do not quit trying.

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