As we work towards our Goals, it's easy to get discouraged, because we don't always see progress. We want a quick result or at least something we can see every time we look, but that's not how we should measure progress all the time. Good Goals are ones that take a little time and effort, sometimes a lot, to do. Big Goals, or at least Goals that take time, effort and planning are how we grow and stretch our selves and our abilities. When we look at one of the most common Goals, weight loss, it's easy to see why it's also one of the most common abandoned Goals.

It's not uncommon to do a lot of work on our Goals and then not see any or little progress immediately. Some Goals take a massive sustained effort to get things in motion. Weight loss can be the same way. We can also hit plateaus where the same effort isn't producing the same results anymore. That might be a natural result of the plan you're following for a particular Goal. Keeping with our weight loss example, what are the daily things that we can track that will give us progress towards our target weight?

First, we need to break down what it takes to lose weight. Broadly speaking this means we burn more calories than we consume. We exercise more and we eat less.

Second, what are the things we can do to make those happen? For exercise, it should be simple. If you don't have a gym membership or any equipment at home, then the easiest thing to do is walk.

Third, and possibly the most important factor in your progress, is to create a tracker of some kind. Even a sheet of paper with handwritten lists of the things you want to do and seven boxes for the days of the week will do.

Our problem when this happens is that we get focused on incremental results that we think we should see daily. That's just not always possible. It can derail all your efforts by doing harm to your body through crash dieting, super fasting, starvation dieting and so on. It can also derail you emotionally. It's depressing to see progress stop suddenly or even go backward when you're still doing the same things as before. What about eating less? This one is harder because we have to eat to live. Food is a necessity, but it shouldn't be an addiction. Decide what meals you'll eat each day.

What else can we do? There are certain habits we should develop to go with exercising more and eating less. Getting up early, at the same time each day of the week, is essential. You can't have breakfast if you don't give yourself time to make and eat it before work. You can't exercise in the morning if that's your preferred time. You can't take time to review your day's tasks and appointments. All of these things are essential to a successful day, and you can't do them if you get up 20 minutes before you have to leave the house. We can't measure Success on a Goal by small, incremental steps. They measure progress on a small scale.

Setting good goals is essential to your success. Everyone thinks they know how to set goals, but sometimes we don't know or remember some things. Visit SHEETAL ACADEMY for a free report. Sheetal Academy is on a mission to teach as many people as they can to be successful in a moral and ethical way consistent with their values that can create positive change in themselves and everyone they meet. Call on 9904342117.

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