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Learn Corporate Training Course in Surat at "Sheetal Academy" to develop the skills which are important for your Success. Corporate training is a system developed to train and educates the employees about the professional development activities. It empowers the employees give a new direction and new view towards, which in turn makes them more proficient and productive in their work. It is not just about motivation, it is essential to develop the strong foundation for the company’s work. The Corporate Training covers all the following things:

  • Improved communication skills of the employees.
  • Development of soft skills required to tackle the clients.
  • Increase in productivity of the employees.
  • Inculcation of etiquettes, manners & professionalism.
  • Complete overhaul in the behavior & presentation skills of the staff.
  • Leadership Skills, Selling Skills & Management Skills etc...

In a nutshell we offer Customized Corporate Training as per your requirement.

Corporate word originates from Latin word “Corporatus” which means “to make into a body”. And corporate training helps the company and its employees to constitute into a body, resulting into a flawless overall performance on all the fronts. As per the survey 70% people are unemployed just due to Lack of English Speaking Skills, Communication Skills and Soft Skills. This is a unique course specially designed for today's generation keeping in mind all the soft skills required for an individual.

The trainings are helpful for all the corporate sectors like: IT sector, Manufacturing, Trading, Wholesale, Retail, Textile, Diamond, Industries etc... Corporate training is not limited to any particular age group. It is applicable for all the people right from 16 years to 100 years. The only criteria required are the Willingness to bring a profound change in one own self. Sheetal Academy appears to be using corporate education and training as an incentive to retain managers and key employees within our organization. This win-win arrangement creates better educated managers for the organization and provides the employees with a more marketable portfolio of skills and, in many cases, recognized qualifications.

Most organizations tend to think of Corporate Education as Corporate Training. Corporate training programs are often competency based and related to the essential training employees need to operate certain equipment or perform certain tasks in a competent, safe and effective manner. Our corporate training is centred on introducing learning techniques to stimulate employees to think about what their organization does, where it is heading, potential new opportunities for the organization and new and better ways of doing things, promote the development of capability of both an individual and their organization. Our focus is developing the capability of an organization to be able to do things and, in particular, the right things in order to be a sustainable and successful organization.

Sheetal Academy Institute of English Speaking has more than 200 centers in India, 5 centers in Nepal, and till date has trained more than 15 lacs students. Sheetal Academy Surat was established in the year 2010 by Mr. Nikhil M Dedhia and his wife Shaila Dedhia at Athwagate. Since its inception in Surat it has trained and brightened the future of more than 2000 students in both English and Corporate Skills till date in Surat and has given them a new view of life. During its 5 years of journey Sheetal Academy Surat has strived continuously to give the best in terms of quality, service and satisfaction. It has become one of the renowned institutes of Surat City.

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