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Learn English Grammar in Surat at "SHEETAL ACADEMY" to develop the english skills which are essential for your career. Some people say English can be spoken without grammar, some say it is essential. Are you really confused about all the fuss about the English grammar. Don't worry we have simplified many things for you and you will really enjoy learning grammar with us.


Our Facilities

  • English Grammar Book 1
  • routine life sentences
  • Basic Speaking Skills
  • vocabulary
  • Advanced level vocabulary
  • Audio Visuals

Everybody has a misconception about English, that one can learn (Spoken) English simply without any need to learn English Grammar and other stuff. We are here to change the mindset, that English Grammar is an integral part of English. And at Sheetal Academy we teach you English Grammar in the most simple and unique way, without making much fuss about the word "English Grammar".

True to our words we teach you Grammar through just few simple fundas and one of it is through Perfect Sentence Construction by our "English Grammar Book 1". At our institute students enjoy Learning English Grammar. And its just because we teach English Grammar in the most creative manner. After going through grammar we immediately push students further and teach Actual "Spoken English", as the word itself means, again in the most practical manner including routine life sentences. After making students confident in Basic Speaking Skills, we move further towards teaching vocabulary from Basic level to Advanced level vocabulary. And finally we move on to Audio Visuals, because audio visuals are the best way to teach and cover all the aspects of the Spoken English as well as routine and high level vocabulary, which are needed to hone your skills in Speaking English.

We are proud to say that we are the only International Level Spoken English Classes/Institute in Surat(as we have 200+ Centers in India & Nepal) to provide all the different modules of Speaking along with Audio-Visuals. Because we have copyrighted Structured Method of Teaching, which we follow in all our institutes across India delivering high standards and quality teaching in "English Speaking Institute" Sector.

Last but not the least the way teach is grammar is also useful for the preparation of various competitive entrance exams for Banks, Government Jobs etc. . . And it covers the base required for IELTS & TOEFL exams.

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