Sheetal Academy is one such institution founded almost two decade ago, the institution is today, one of India's finest institutions. The entrepreneurial drive and commitment of the founder has been the guiding force of the institution continues today, as the institution looks forward to even greater success in the future.

We observe that our society is changing very fast. We are in 21st century. In this era of education of English Speaking. If one knows English Speaking s/he is considered to be highly qualified and knowledgeable person. Because of certain reasons vast portion of our society is unable to speak English. Reason may be study in vernacular medium or lack of speaking practice. We want this deprived section to speak fluent English so that nobody can dominate them.
Secondly in Marathi, there is one saying, 'Ingreji hai vaghiniche dudh-aahe' that means English is the milk of tigress. If you want to gain great knowledge about anything that is available only in English and to get that knowledge English is a must.One can enjoy beautiful books, movies. T.V. programmes, etc., if she/he knows English. For school or college goers education became easier.
People take years to learn perfect pronunciations, grammar vocabulary and confidence in speaking, but we teach these things in very short duration. We want English to be no more a language of fistful educated and rich people but for all.
We hope our knowledge, system and research will bring forth our much cherished goal.

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At Sheetal Academy, we offer specialized programs for aspiring candidates and professionals. Our outstanding faculty of experienced educators is committed to providing best coaching.

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