The “Hidden Power” of English Language.

We all know the importance of English in our Professional life and personal life in terms of Communication.  But what we don’t know is its “Hidden Power”.

Many of us just ignore the “Hidden Power” because we feel the level of English we know is sufficient for the daily routine work.  But believe me actually it’s not.  So what exactly it is, Let’s dwell deep into it and find out.

“Hidden Power” is the secret power of English Language which only Professionals or People who are acquainted in English know. Statistics say that only 10.35% of Indians know English .  According to the experts, this figure indicates the population that can somewhat understand English either in the written or spoken form. Experts further state that only 2-3% of Indians can actually Read, Write and Speak fluent English or we can say have a good command on English.

The “Hidden Power” can work wonders for you, as we are already seeing that people who are Pro in English don’t face any problem related to English in  personal and professional life, and always they are in a win-win situation.  They have made English as their weapon for progress in this never ending competitive world and hence are gaining knowledge 24*7*365days.  For these people, this Secret Power has just given them opportunities and only opportunities.  Never in their life they have felt that they are lagging behind in terms of Good Communication Skills.

This Hidden Power/ Secret Power has given them a new personality, has given them the confidence to fight any kind of communication skills challenges.  It has given them the power to understand and assimilate vast treasure troves of knowledge available in the world.  One can imagine if just 2-3% of the total Indian population equipped with Hidden Powers can work so much wonders then what would happen, if just and only just 10% of the people speak English or get the Hidden Powers of English.

Let’s Make a Determination to explore the “Hidden Powers” of English.

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