Forget your 15 minutes of fame, these three minutes are far more fundamental to your success. When it comes to answering 'Please Tell Me About Yourself', you have a tremendous opportunity to influence the whole of the interview. When facing interviews, people tend to commit a lot of silly mistakes which, if tried, can be solved very easily. You will already have researched the organization, know the function, responsibility of the job, prepared your career overview in a way that emphasizes, matches your key strengths and job-related skills to the key requirements of the job. Not only
that but you have prepared yourself mentally for the interview and you are confident that you are the right person.

The first round is generally a personal introduction round and this is the round where most candidates get eliminated due to lack of proper presentation skills. The person taking your interview should feel your presence when you introduce yourself. You may be proficient in English but there are many factors for which you could be eliminated. If you detect any signs that he hasn't prepared, or starts talking too much or fails to say "Tell me about yourself" then find a way of interjecting "Could I tell you a little about myself?" which will probably be grasped with some relief. You should never sound mechanical when introducing yourself and also remember that the person listening to you should be able to get a picture about the kind of person you are.

Ask yourself, what makes me unique and special? If you don't know the answer immediately that's fine, but ask yourself this question until you have at least 10 responses, and realize that this could be the most important question of your life. Try to start your introduction with a quote and relate yourself to that quote. Make it look as if you are talking to a friend and not with a superior. The beginning and the conclusion should be properly made. This is how important the "Tell me about yourself" phrase is: it is your best opportunity to set the agenda for the whole interview and her
who sets the agenda influences the outcome.

Look at this sample here to get an idea of the 'right' personal introduction:

"Hi, my name is Shivam. I was born and brought up in Surat City. My father works for a government firm and my mother is a homemaker. I completed my post graduation in English from the University of Veer Narmad South Gujarat and I have an experience of 3 years in the field of transportation. I have chosen to be a designer as I love this field and the challenges it poses. Coming to my hobbies, I like reading books as I like to keep myself updated with new things happening around and it also helps me in improving my knowledge. I also enjoy cooking because it requires a high level of skill and precision. I love to travel and see new places.

When the interviewer has not prepared fully, he will rely on the most recent information to hand from which to form the follow-on questions. The most recent information is what he has just heard and will, therefore, ask questions that derive from your answer to "Tell me about yourself".

My strengths are my confidence, hardworking nature, and positive attitude. My weakness is I am a perfectionist and I always strive to achieve perfection in whatever work that is given to me. Well, that's all I've said about myself as of now and thank you for giving me this opportunity. It was a pleasure talking to you." This model is a brief example. Whenever you are giving your personal introduction, keep your rate of speech moderate. Practice in front of a mirror and try out various expressions which would seem good on you. Plan your introduction for at least a minute and a half
or more. Through trial and error, you will definitely master the art of personal introduction.

So then, how can you not only survive but prosper and win the challenges of your life? How can you win your dream job? Or have the conversation with your boss that you have been putting off for fear of being rejected for the raise you've worked hard for? Remember a time in your life when you were unstoppable when you were going after a goal that was important for you. What kind of mindset did you have at that time? Remember that, since you have done it once, you can do it again and again, you just need to get into the right mindset!

For many years "SHEETAL ACADEMY" has been passionate about Personal Development and any strategy that can help to improve the quality of your life and to achieve increasingly higher success. If you are a student at school or university, then don't miss the chance to develop your ability by joining us. Remember, during the interview, the hiring manager is looking to hear about your accomplishments and will consider not only your specific accomplishments but how confident and capable you are of discussing them. We believe that every single person who wants to see himself as the best part of an organization can achieve easily by just following the support and direction from us.

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