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Personality Development Course

To have a good personality has become a bare necessity in today’s cosmopolitan world, one may survive without good education, but cannot without a good personality. Sheetal Academy has come up with a perfect “Personality Development Course” to suit an individual’s need.

Our Facilities

  • Personality Development Course
  • Personality Development Seminars
  • Personality Development Books
  • Personality Development Programs

Corporate Training

This is a unique course specially designed for today’s generation keeping in mind all the soft skills required for an individual. It empowers the employees give a new direction and new view towards, which in turn makes them more proficient and productive in their work.

Our Facilities

  • Improved communication skills of the employees.
  • Development of soft skills required to tackle the clients of all the categories.
  • Increase in productivity of the employees.
  • Inculcation of etiquettes, manners and professionalism.
  • Complete overhaul in the behavior & presentation skills of the staff.
  • Leadership Skills, Selling Skills & Management Skills etc…

Business English

In this era of cut throat competition in terms of local and international business, English has become an integral part of Business. Keeping this thing in mind, Sheetal Academy brings you “Business English Course” for the millions of new and old generation business enthusiasts to take their business to a new global level.

Our Facilities

  • Soft Skills
  • English Coaching
  • Business English Books
  • Business English Course Material
  • Email Writing Skills, Required Grammar and Business Vocabulary.

English Grammar

Some people say English can be spoken without grammar, some say it is essential. Are you really confused about all the fuss about the English grammar. Don’t worry we have simplified many things for you and you will really enjoy learning grammar with us.

Our Facilities

  • English Grammar Book 1
  • Routine Life Sentences
  • Basic Speaking Skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Advanced Level Vocabulary
  • Audio Visuals

Free Whatsapp Service

This is unique service started by Sheetal Academy Surat, One of its only kind till now in India.

We daily send new words with hindi meaning and an example to all our subscribers through Wapp’s broadcast list. Till now more than 1000 members have subscribed to our Free Wapp service and enjoy daily dose of English words.

You can also subscribe to our Wapp service by just sending your name on our Wapp no. 9904407744

English Books

Now your worries about learning English are just a click away. Just click on the Sheetal Store and you will find a perfect solution to learn English Grammar, vocabulary and Smart English in the easiest possible way. We have taken care of simplifying “Business English” along with Advance grammar.

Our Facilities

  • English Grammar
  • Grammar Revision
  • Spoken English
  • Rich Vocabulary Part 1 & 2
  • Idioms & Proverbs
  • Phrases and Smart English