Negative Reverse marketing is doing the exact opposite of what your prospect is expecting from a salesperson, therefore throwing them off guard. continuing down that Negative Reverse marketing path, let's take another look into setting a neutral prospect into motion by strip-lining or throwing him or her some a lot of lines to swim regarding before you reel them in.

Picture this: a prospect says to a salesman, "We're pretty proud of our current marketer, however, I am always broad-minded to new ideas. What do you have?" The prospect expects the salesperson to mention one thing like, "Well, let me tell you regarding our new line of products and see if there is any interest there." that is precisely what most salespeople do. They’re going through a litany of features and advantages for all the various new products, only to finish up with this from the prospect: "You're really on your game. I will consider that. I would get back to you next week. Simply leave some of your literature and I will be in contact." Or the prospect would possibly say, "I really could not say without seeing something in writing. Are you able to draft me up a proposal on it and send it over?"

Chances they'll ever hear back from the prospect are slim and none. Typically, salespeople are therefore excited at that point that they're going back to the office and tell their manager, "Got one, boss." however do they, really? The salesperson enthusiastically prepares and sends the proposal, so chases the neutral prospect for a week, till the prospect does not respond to voice messages or emails. As long as a neutral prospect remains neutral, they rarely buy something. Your job is to get them moving, set the pendulum into motion.

Traditionally, once prospects are approached by a salesman, one who focuses on features and advantages, free consulting, giving a quote, and perhaps going into the advertising, a neutral prospect might only provide spite of these approaches, not because of them. If you are still selling this way, you are working method too hard.

Now, take a similar situation, however, use a strip-lining technique to disarm the prospect. You’ve got that neutral prospect who says he is pretty happy with his current marketer, but he is continuously willing to seem at new ideas and asks what you've. Using strip-lining, you say, "Maybe nothing. Looks like you're pretty happy with the way things are going already. could you be kind enough to inform me a little bit about what you like about the way things are going right now?"

Now sit back and hear what they are saying. Let the prospect answer your question. Frequently, when you strip-line during this manner, something very interesting happens. When the prospect shares what he likes about his marketer, he may offer up one thing he does not like about his marketer. However, though that does not happen, the strip-line makes it easier for the prospect to reply honestly to the next question, which can sound like this: "Look, it looks like you are pretty happy and we're not about to do any business, but I am curious. Nothing is perfect. If you had to select one thing that might be better, what wouldn't it be?"

At this time the prospect is probably going to share something he doesn't like regarding the current marketer. Therefore, you'll be able to now use Pain Funnel techniques to check whether there is pain or not. You will respond with, "Could you be nice enough to tell me a lot of about that?" more often than not, the prospect can open up and share a lot of information with you.

So, what happened? You basically set the pendulum in motion, toward the negative, pushing the prospect away from doing business with you. But now, without the prospect's knowledge, a conversation has opened up about his problems. Moreover, you'll start using Pain Funnel queries, more strip-lining, and other Sandler sales techniques to examine whether or not they have any implanted emotional pain activity behind those issues. Eventually, with additional training, and practice, your gut can begin to inform you which Sandler techniques work the most effective in a given scenario.

In our next blog, we are going to take further into the Negative Reverse selling method, and see however we take a negative prospect to the negative side. Remember, 2 negatives do create a positive.

If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will. Always do your best. What you plant now, will harvest later. Want to learn more regarding Negative Reverse selling techniques? "Contact us" or direct "Enquiry" to join our Sales Training Ideas in Surat.

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