5. Learn English by Improving Listening Skills

  • By Mr. Nikhil Dedhia (Edupreneur, Entrepreneur & Trainer)

Listening is the most important Skill to Learn English.  Normally, we all runaway from practicing listening skill.  The main reason for doing so, is not able to UNDERSTAND ENGLISH properly.  To bring Ease in Listening Skills one must understand Language thoroughly and this can be done by practicing Grammar and sentence making.

To learn any language you need to first understand it.  Learning to Understand the Language gives you power to Speak and Listen Clearly.  It allows to get deep insight of the beauty of the language and also understand the subtle nuances of it.

When we are done with understanding part of English, it’s time to Listen, Listen, Listen. . .. and Listen.    Now you may be wondering how to get through this part of Language, because we don’t have many people around us who speak good and Fluent English, very few people speak clear and crisp English. 

But no need to worry, with these below mentioned Tricks you can Easily  Practice Listening Skills and Be a Master of it.

1. Whatever you are listening, initially listen 2 to 3 times.   Even if you don’t understand, listen again and again until you get it.

2. Keep your mind focused and listen intentionally. 

3. Keep “Handy Tools” ready (mentioned in the Part 4 of blog of this series)

4. Start with Simple conversation, Stories, movies etc. .etc.  .with Subtitles.  Initially you may need to pause and  move ahead.  But gradually your speed will improve.

5. After getting around 10 hours of listening practice through various tools like You Tube, Movie Channels, News Channel, Educational Channels like Discovery etc. .etc. .  you can now start listening without subtitles and continue this practice at-least for 15 more hours. 

Please note: There are lots of conversations available on Youtube that you can listen to improve your English, alternatively you can also watch some short films in English.  You can even put on the subtitiles captions CC, on the right bottom of the Youtube Videos. So that learning becomes easier for you.  You just need to type ‘English Conversation’, ‘Short English Movies’ in the search box. 

Practice These 5 Tips and you will have Enough Listening Practice and can listen and understand English in the most natural way.  You will not get stuck anywhere with regards to this Global Language. 

Practicing this method for approximately 1 month has FANTABULOUS RESULTS.  Even different accents would not be a barrier for you.  You can listen and understand American English, British English or Even Australian English on the Go.

We at ‘Sheetal Academy Institute of English Speaking’ take great Efforts to teach you English the easiest way.  Our Team Puts their 100 percent and also gets the things done by you.  We are committed that whosoever comes to Sheetal Academy, must learn something new Every day and makes a difference in his/her life through English.  To help you make a difference in your everyday life we offer a Plethora of Courses ranging from Basics of English to Advanced English and right from Interview Skills to Corporate English.

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