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Public Speaking Competition - Sheetal Academy


This Republic Day, “Sheetal Academy” organized the Public Speaking Competition to challenge our young students to be confident, compelling and charismatic in their speech delivery. The “PUBLIC SPEAKING COMPETITION” takes place in EVERY MONTH at Sheetal Academy, Nanpura in Surat. The main purpose of this competition is to enhance the confidence of our students who join our academy to learn English speaking course.


Public Speaking Competition seeks to foster a growing public speaking community, offering the students an opportunity to engage in skills-exchanges and networking opportunities from young.


The objectives of the “PUBLIC SPEAKING COMPETITION” is to:

  1. Encourage our students to explore and take up public speaking while increasing their skills on a nation-wide platform
  2. Foster a growing community of young public speakers, from beginners to experienced speakers, in a conducive and interactive environment.
  3. Showcase and celebrate the varied talents of all the contestants, especially in engaging in skills-exchange within the community.
  4. Challenge the young speakers to think critically, coherently and creatively through impromptu speeches.


We believe in fostering a community for young public speakers to challenge themselves and bring their public speaking skills to the next level. You are invited if interested in this event. Our event timing is morning from 11 am to 3 pm on Sunday. Let’s have some fun with learning English.


Want to put yourself against the best public speakers in Surat? Find out where you stand as a public speaker on a national level by joining us at the SHEETAL ACADEMY!

Start Time

3:00 pm

January 26, 2020

Finish Time

7:00 pm

January 26, 2020


Surat Nanpura Branch

Event Participants